Broadway Export is an automotive dealer and exporter based in Tampa, Florida. We specialize in bringing customers the finest vehicles at the most competitive prices. Our customers in Russia, Eastern Europe and Latin America turn to Broadway Export for luxury automobiles with prices that can only be found in the USA.

Broadway Export Corp. separates itself from the typical automotive dealer industry by taking a focused approach to our clients. We are proud to say that a high percentage of our business comes from past clients from people who choose our services time and again. Our regular inventory has enjoyed over $500,000 in revenue over the last year that’s gone toward building a network of grateful customers. Our direct-deal customers enjoy absolutely unbeatable deals on cars and other vehicles. If you have the perfect idea of the car you would like to drive and want a price point that you think is unattainable, then you can contact BE Corp. and be sure you will receive the quality car you desire for the best price possible.

“I dont measure my success by sales, but by the relationships I build along the way”

 -Anton, Owner,  Broadway Export Corp.